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Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI

Making real-world patient data accessible and actionable.

Unleashing the Power of Real World Patient Data

Propel Health AI is an end-to-end healthcare data and artificial intelligence platform designed to overcome some of the persistent challenges in making real-world patient data accessible and actionable. Our platform enables healthcare providers to ingest, process, curate and share multimodal real-world patient data, empowering them to make data-driven decisions.

Accelerating Data-Driven Research 

Our platform is designed to modernize real-world data accessibility. With Propel, healthcare providers and researchers can easily aggregate their real-world patient data, enabling rapid access and analysis from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Clinical & Operational Decision Support

Propel is a versatile platform that supports the development and deployment of AI models to meet the unique needs of any healthcare & life sciences company. Our platform streamlines the implementation of AI algorithms to interface with existing healthcare data systems, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing patient care.

Unlocking the Value of Healthcare Data

Our platform demystifies the process of healthcare data licensing through a robust pipeline, including data harmonization, governance, and global privacy and security requirements.

We are minimizing the barrier to entry for healthcare providers to sustainably engage in a dynamic healthcare data marketplace.

Precision Pharma & Medical Device Marketing

Using cutting-edge data analytics, Propel is transforming patient and demographic data into a powerful tool to identify the eligibility of candidates for diagnostics, therapies & medical devices. We deliver hyper-targeted, pertinent information to healthcare providers, ensuring patients receive care that aligns with the latest clinical guidelines. 

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Our Value Proposition


Providing Infrastructure for Clinical Decision Support Systems

Enabling Revenue Generation

Facilitating Data & Algorithm Licensing

Reducing Operational Costs

Providing Infrastructure for Operational Data Visualization & Analysis

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The Future of Healthcare Analytics

At Propel Health AI, our mission is to make healthcare data accessible and actionable. We leverage artificial intelligence to enable healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions that improve patient outcomes.

Our Partners

Propel Health AI
Platform for AI enabled Learning Health System

Propel Health AI is the ultimate end-to-end healthcare data and AI platform. Our platform is designed to enable healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions that improve patient outcomes. Contact us today to learn more.

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